The Jeffrey Longhofer
Haskell Fund For Justice

(photography by Brendan McInerney)

In his decades of teaching, writing, and research, Jeffrey Longhofer sought always to make connections among fields of knowledge and the real world.  As an anthropologist, a social worker and a psychoanalyst – he was concerned about what mattered most: justice, inequality in all its forms, and the environment.


Not long before his death, he and his lifelong partner, Jerry Floersch, met with the Haskell Foundation to talk about how he could bring his spirit of discovery to others. The conversation with Dr. Wildcat and the former Executive Director of the Foundation, led to the establishment of the Jeffrey Longhofer-Haskell Fund for Justice.


In the spirit of Jeffrey’s incredible generosity and sense of justice, the Longhofer-Haskell Fund has been established to support the Hiawatha Center for Justice (HCJ). This fund will be used to support a wide -range of Justice activities: faculty & student projects, HCJ forums and symposia, and provide seed money for the historic renovation and redesign of Hiawatha Hall on Haskell Indian Nations University’s campus in Lawrence, KS. The vision for the center is to become a site where issues of justice can be brought to the community consciousness – this center will be the heart of innovation and action to bring forth ideas of change, healing and rejuvenation for issues that are often times, incredibly hard to tackle, but most necessary in todays climate.


While the Hiawatha Center for Justice awaits capital funding, the Hiawatha Center for Justice continues to lead virtual workshops and conferences rooted in justice, equity, re-education and climate change rooted in Indigenous Knowledge.

We truly believe that there is no better way to honor Jeffrey than to contribute to the establishment of the Longhofer-Haskell Fund – in doing so, you would be investing in the most important issue facing life on the planet: the creation of institutions and people that embody justice for all, especially, in a time when climate change and injustice is growing deep roots all around us.


If you want to support Jeffrey Longhofer’s vision for the Hiawatha Center for Justice (HCJ), please click the Donate Today button below and specify that you’d like your donation to go towards this fund.